We listen. We care. We specialize in issues other doctors may overlook. We put you at the center of your care.

Traditional women’s care is missing something. It’s missing the “i” in “patient.” Care focused on the woman is the only care that will truly work. Every patient is different. Life experiences can change treatment options. One solution does not fit all, and we adapt to the needs of our patients. Read on to discover how the Kaldas Center is changing the way care is delivered to women.

Pregnancy and Fertility

We love to prevent the problems of pregnancy whenever possible.  When it’s not possible due to forces beyond our control, we strive to provide the hope and means to happier pregnancies in the future.

Proven, Cost-Effective Procedures

We keep costs down with minimally invasive surgery and in-office procedures.  They help women quickly return to their life, productivity and happiness!  We also proudly offer low cost fertility treatment with proven results, at a fraction of what the competition charges.

Whole Woman Wellness Care

Take control of your life with pelvic pain treatment for endometriosis pregnancy care, methodical and economic fertility treatments, recurrent pregnancy loss management, minimally invasive surgical techniques for pain, bleeding, incontinence, and more.

My initial visit with Dr. Kaldas was my third opinion prior to my surgery. He came highly recommended but I had my reservations due to differing approaches the previous physicians had suggested. Dr. Kaldas addressed my question and concerns about the procedure patiently, with empathy and compassion. He was extremely confident regarding the laparoscopic approach and without any hesitation he assured me it could be done. I went ahead with the procedure and he came through with what he had promised. My recovery pleasantly surprised me because I was up and walking the day of surgery with minimal pain medication and no post surgical complications. Recovery has been short and swift and I have Dr. Kaldas to thank, for his superb surgical skills, expertise and professionalism. Kudos to his support staff as well for excellent teamwork and coordination.

Dr. Gayatri Bhosalemohite / Appleton, WI