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What are Birth Plans?

If your pregnancy is low risk, your birth plan is completely up to you. The typical different birth plans are hospital birth, center birth, and home birth.

Your Birth Plan

Take some time during pregnancy to research and create your birth plan. You can consider all your options and ask your provider any questions you may have.

Hospital Birth

A hospital birth is overseen by OB/GYNs, a physician, or a certified nurse-midwife.


  • If complications arise and the need for a Cesarean Section birth is needed, the OB/GYN can perform that surgery
  • The option of different pain medications are available
  • The doctor can administer drugs that will help speed up labor


  • Hospitals can seem intimidating
  • Doctors and nurses will be coming in and out of your room before, during, and after the birth
  • You will be separated with your baby after delivery for newborn screening
  • Hospitals have to follow protocols so there less flexibility (but still some) for your birth


Center Birth

A center birth is overseen by certified midwives, and possibly a certified nurse midwife, and/or a doula.


  • Few to no medical interventions; however, most Centers are connected to a hospital in case a medical emergency arises.
  • A private room with fewer medical personnel moving in and out
  • Flexibility on how you deliver your baby. Squatting, standing, laying down, etc.
  • Labor as long as you need


  • Insurance may not cover a birthing center
  • After birth, you usually go home the same day which can be a con if you’re not ready
  • If you are a high-risk pregnancy, then you shouldn’t use a birthing center

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Home Birth

A home birth is attended by whomever you choose. It could be a certified midwife, a doula, your other children, etc.


  • Birth in a comfortable setting
  • Total privacy
  • Natural birth with no medical interventions
  • Labor as long as you need


  • If a medical emergency arises, you must be transported to a hospital
  • Insurance may not cover a home birth
  • You cannot have any major drugs if you desire them during your birth

Why We Support VBAC

We Support VBAC (Vaginal Birth after C-Section) if this is what our patient wishes.  We will do everything we can to help our patients make the right decision when it comes to their dream birth.


Learn More About Why We Support VBAC

What’s Right for You and Your Baby?

No one can tell you what’s right for your birth. You’ll hear positive and horror stories about all three types of births. Birth is unpredictable and wonderful.

What’s important is that you choose what’s best for you. Not what your mother-in-law thinks and definitely not what your friend thinks, but what you know is best for your birth.