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During your fertility and pregnancy journey, your nutrition is important. Proper nutrition means not only eating healthy foods, but also ensuring that the food you eat is helping you feel your best.

It’s challenging to muddle through all the pregnancy nutrition myths and old wives tales. For example, pregnancy doesn’t mean eating for two! It does mean that you now have to eat smarter and consider another person’s health.

It’s our goal at The Kaldas Center to educate and support our patients through every aspect of their fertility & pregnancy journey. That’s why we’ve built a partnership with a trusted local nutritionist.

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Fertility and Pregnancy Nutrition with Nutritional Healing
A nutrition guide for every stage of your journey

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Meet Nutritional Healing


Nutritional Healing offers complete nutrition guidance and education for the Appleton and Fox Valley community. Kim Stoeger, MS, a clinical nutritionist and owner of Nutritional Healing strives to educate her patients on how to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to their health.

Lisa Rabe, a nutrition counselor and sports program coordinator for Nutritional Healing specializes in infant and childhood nutrition along with maternal health, from pregnancy through postpartum.

Nutritional Healing is centered around the patient just like the Kaldas Center. Both strive to provide their patients top health guidance and education during their fertility and pregnancy journey

Fertility & Pregnancy Nutrition
with Nutritional Healing

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Fertility and Pregnancy Nutrition with Nutritional Healing

Food Sensitivities

“Food sensitivities or intolerances affect over 80% of the population.”

Roger Davis Deutsch,

President and CEO of ALCAT Worldwide

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