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We help women achieve her fertility goals if she has been unsuccessful or had recurrent miscarriages.  If a woman has chronic or acute pelvic pain of any cause, such as fibroids or endometriosis, or if she has heavy bleeding or urinary incontinence, she will find the least invasive and most effective treatments at the Kaldas Center in Appleton, WI.

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I am both pleased and honored to write this testimonial for Dr. Kaldas. Dr. Kaldas served as my OB/GYN during my pregnancy with my second son, Hunter. My first pregnancy was not easy. I lived in Texas at the time and at 27 weeks was placed on strict bed rest. I initially was pregnant with twins, lost one at 14 weeks, and then went into active labor at 27 weeks. I was able to carry my first child to 36 weeks but, was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix and pre-term labor from weeks. Needless to say, when I became pregnant the second time, I was worried far beyond what other mother’s experience who have normal pregnancies. From weeks 11 to 37, I saw Dr. Kaldas every week. He and his staff were compassionate, patient, kind and caring. I also had pre-term labor with my second pregnancy and Dr. Kaldas managed my care with expertise. The two of us, Dr. Kaldas and I, discussed and worked out a plan that worked for both of us and I was able to carry my second baby to full term. I work as a nurse in a NICU at a local hospital and I knew all that could go wrong if I was unable to carry my baby to term and all of the consequences that entailed. Each visit with Dr. Kaldas was, of course, a thorough exam but, it was also a counseling session of sorts. He allowed me time at every single visit to answer ALL of my questions and he would always take that extra moment to spend with me to allay my fears. Although he is always totally and completely professional and respectful, he has a warm and caring bedside manner that put me at ease throughout all of those worrisome weeks. I am happy to report that I had a healthy baby boy that I was able to carry to 37 weeks. Dr. Kaldas was also able to determine that the diagnosis I received in Texas that would have limited my ability to have more children was not an issue. At my last visit with Dr. Kaldas, I told him, “I won’t even consider having another child unless I know that you will be there to help me through my pregnancy again.” And I meant every word of that. Dr. Kaldas is an amazing doctor but an even more wonderful man. I am so grateful to him for the time, expertise and kindness he displayed to me at every single visit. It is without any hesitation or reservation that I would recommend Dr. Kaldas to any woman.

Ashley / Newton, WI